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Saturday, 15th October 2022

How to create a Python package in 2022 (via) Fantastic tutorial on modern Python packaging by Rodrigo Girão Serrão. I’ve been meaning to figure out Poetry for a while now and this gave me exactly the information I needed to start figuring it out. Great coverage of GitHub Actions, Tox and pre-commit as well. # 10:10 pm

Dumping the HTML of a page using shot-scraper. New in 1.0 is the “shot-scraper html URL” command, which outputs the HTML of a page once JavaScript has finished executing there. You can pass in additional custom JavaScript to run before the shapshot is taken, and you can also specify a CSS selector on the page to return just that fragment of HTML. # 9:30 pm

shot-scraper 1.0 (via) Only a minor release in terms of features, but I decided that I’m comfortable enough with the CLI design at this point that I’m ready to stamp a 1.0 on it and commit to not making backwards-incompatible changes (at least without shipping a 2.0 release, which I’d like to avoid if possible). # 9:28 pm

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