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Saturday, 17th July 2021

It doesn’t take much public creativity to stand out as a job candidate

I’ve spent nearly twenty years blogging, giving talks and releasing open source code. It’s been fantastic for my career, and a huge amount of work. But here’s a useful secret: you don’t have to put very much work at all into public creativity in order to stand out as a job candidate.

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Datasette downloads per day (with Observable Plot) (via) I built an Observable notebook that imports PyPI package download data from (itself scraped from using a scheduled GitHub Action) and plots it using Observable Plot. Datasette downloads from PyPI apparently jumped from ~800/day in May to ~4,000/day in July—would love to know why! # 5:01 pm

The Digital Antiquarian: Sam and Max Hit the Road. Delightful history and retrospective review of 1993’s Sam and Max Hit the Road. I didn’t know Sam and Max happened because the independent comic’s creator worked for LucasArts and the duo had embedded themselves in LucasArts culture through their use in the internal educational materials prepared for SCUMM University. # 3:12 am

Last Mile Redis (via) article about running a local redis cache in each of their geographic regions—“Cache data overlaps a lot less than you assume it will. For the most part, people in Singapore will rely on a different subset of data than people in Amsterdam or São Paulo or New Jersey.” But then they note that Redis has the ability to act as both a replica of a primary AND a writable server at the same time (“replica-read-only no”), which actually makes sense for a cache—it lets you cache local data but send out cluster-wide cache purges if necessary. # 2:44 am

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