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Sunday, 18th July 2021

Organize and Index Your Screenshots (OCR) on macOS (via) Alexandru Nedelcu has a very neat recipe for creating an archive of searchable screenshots on macOS: set the default save location for screenshots to a Dropbox folder, then create a launch agent that runs a script against new files in that folder to run tesseract OCR to convert them into a searchable PDF. # 4:11 pm

I’ve always believed that a book, even a technical book, should try to tell a cohesive story. The challenge is that as Python has grown in popularity, it has really turned into three different languages--each with their own story. There is a whimsical Python for scripting and tinkering, a quirky Python for asynchronous programming and networking, and a serious Python for enterprise applications. Sometimes these stories intersect. Sometimes not.

David Beazley # 2:53 pm

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