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Tuesday, 13th July 2021

Dropbox: Sharing our Engineering Career Framework with the world (via) Dropbox have published their engineering career framework, with detailed descriptions of the different levels of the engineering (as opposed to management) career track and what is expected for each one. I’m fascinated by how different companies handle the challenge of keeping career progression working for engineers without pushing them into people management, and this as a particularly detailed and well thought-out implementation of that. # 11:31 pm

RabbitMQ Streams Overview. New in RabbitMQ 3.9: streams are a persisted, replicated append-only log with non-destructive consuming semantics. Sounds like it fits the same hole as Kafka and Redis Streams, an extremely useful pattern. # 11:29 pm

Weeknotes: Fun with Unix domain sockets

A small enhancement to Datasette this week: I’ve added support for proxying via Unix domain sockets.

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