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Tuesday, 3rd January 2012

Are there any performance drawbacks when rendering DOM views at runtime with JavaScript, rather than rendering server-sent HTML?

Yes, there is quite a significant impact on first-load performance. The browser has to pull down all of the linked scripts before it can display any content—if you’re using a library like jquery that’s a sizeable chuck of code that has to be loaded and executed just on its own.

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What are the best tech community event sites in San Francisco?

We have a large and growing community-maintained list of mostly-tech events in San Francisco here:

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Has anyone implemented a message queue with mysql and many workers?

Flickr built their own message queue on top of MySQL:

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Is there any reason for a new programmer to choose C# over VB.NET (or vice versa)?

My understanding is that VB.NET was mainly created to help make existing Visual Basic programmers more comfortable with the transition to .NET

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