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Tuesday, 10th January 2012

Mobile World Congress: Is it worth going?

It depends on what you want to get out of it. I haven’t been myself, but from what I’ve heard MWC is the Mobile world’s equivalent of something like SXSW—huge (49,000+ people), sprawling, bewildering and full of everyone you could possibly want to meet from the mobile world.

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Companies like Wipro (Indian company), Infosys (company), Capgemini uses Java, .Net for developing web and desktop application. But I haven’t seen any consulting company of their size using Python.  Is there any python consulting company of size 1000...

ThoughtWorks do a lot of projects in Ruby and some in Python. Their website says they now have 1700 people.

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Is it common for founding engineers at startups to buy software and memory out-of-pocket?

Absolutely not, provided the laptop etc belongs to the company and isn’t considered a gift to you.

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What server do I need to handle 1000+ users simultaneously while they can post messages, upload pictures, and other similar stuff on a website based on PHP and mySQL?

You don’t need to handle 1,000 users simultaneously: you need to build something and ship it and start the process of discovering what you can build that will attract that many users. Seriously: don’t even start worrying about that kind of scale until you know you’re going to need it.

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