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Friday, 6th January 2012

Is there a method to programmatically clear browser cache in JavaScript?


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What kind of publicly available search software is able to be purchased or used freely as part of a website, and how good is it?

There are plenty of good open source options—Solr is currently my favourite. It’s extremely powerful but you do need to do some programming on top of it—I use Django and Haystack to build the search UI on most of my projects.

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What are the best SEO conferences around Cincinnati?

It doesn’t look like there are many (any?) SEO events in Cincinnati, but Chicago has has SES in November 2012:

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Is it true that Ruby is more deployment friendly than Python?

He’s incorrect (or at least out of date). Most professional python programmers that I know of use virtualenv, which makes it easy for deployed Python code to live in its own environment with its own set of modules installed separately from the core system packages.

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