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Wednesday, 5th May 2010

The crisis Flash now faces is that Apple has made it clear that Flash will no longer be ubiquitous, as it won’t exist on the iPhone platform, thus turning “runs everywhere” into “runs almost everywhere.” As Web developers know, “runs almost everywhere” is a recipe for doing everything at least twice.

Rafe Colburn

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PostgreSQL 9.0 Beta 1 Now Available. With asynchronous streaming replication.

# 2:36 pm / databases, postgresql, replication, recovered

Color Survey Results. XKCD asked anonymous netizens to provide names for random colours. The results (collated from 222,500 user sessions that named over 5 million colours) are fascinating.

# 3:59 pm / crowdsourcing, science, xkcd, recovered, colours

A fast, fuzzy, full-text index using Redis. Interesting twist on building a reverse-index using Redis sets: this one indexes only the metaphones of the words, resulting in a phonetic fuzzy search.

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