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Tuesday, 18th May 2010

With Flickr you can get out, via the API, every single piece of information you put into the system. [...] Asking people to accept anything else is sharecropping. It’s a bad deal. Flickr helped pioneer “Web 2.0″, and personal data ownership is a key piece of that vision. Just because the wider public hasn’t caught on yet to all the nuances around data access, data privacy, data ownership, and data fidelity, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be embarrassed to be failing to deliver a quality product.

Kellan Elliott-McCrea

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reddit’s May 2010 “State of the Servers” report. An interesting Cassandra war story: Cassandra scales up, but it doesn’t scale down very well: running with just three nodes can make recovery from problems a lot more tricky.

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Understanding node.js. A king providing orders to his army of servants is a much better analogy than my hyperactive squid.

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jed’s fab. Spectacular web framework for Node.js which, despite using nothing but regular JavaScript, has syntax that is easily confused with Lisp. General consensus at work is that truly understanding how this works is a crucial step on the path to JavaScript enlightenment.

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