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Thursday, 12th February 2009

Twitter Don’t Click Exploit. Someone ran a successful ClickJacking exploit against Twitter users, using a transparent iframe holding the Twitter homepage with a status message fed in by a query string parameter. Thiss will definitely help raise awareness of ClickJacking! Twitter has now added framebusting JavaScript to prevent the exploit. # 7:56 pm

EuroDjangoCon 2009. Tickets are now on sale for the conference, scheduled for 4th-6th of May (not March as I originally said) in Prague (followed by two days of development sprints). # 4:59 pm

Whoosh. A brand new, pure-python full text indexing engine (think Lucene). Claims to offer performance in the same league as wrappers to C or Java libraries. If this works as well as it claims it will be an excellent tool for adding search to projects that wish to avoid a dependency on an external engine. # 12:49 pm

Django Settings Tip—Setting Relative Paths. This is the first thing I do in every single one of my Django projects—it makes projects relocatable to other machines with just a couple of lines of code. I wouldn’t be at all upset to see it added to the default Django file created by ./ startproject # 12:30 pm

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