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Wednesday, 4th February 2009

solango. Another attempt at a Django/Solr integration library, based on code written for “a top 20 newspaper site” (I’d love to know which one). This is well documented, uses a registration model clearly inspired by the Django admin which keeps search related metadata out of your regular models and includes management commands for re-indexing and generating Solr schema.xml files. # 12:22 pm

juno. An ultra-lightweight Python web framework inspired by Ruby’s Sinatra. # 10:48 am

Post-Commit Web Hooks for Google Code Project Hosting (via) I really, really like web hooks (which I’ve been calling “callback APIs”, but it looks like “web hooks” is the term that’s sticking). I’m interested in their scaling challenges—I’ve heard XMPP advocates argue that a web hook style model simply won’t scale for really large sites. # 10:22 am

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