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Wednesday, 12th September 2007

A CouchDB GUI front end. Written in C# and .NET. It looks like writing frontends for CouchDB could make an excellent project for learning a new GUI environment. # 11:59 pm

Paul Otlet described the “radiated library” in 1934. Beating Vannevar Bush in predicting something not unlike the Web by more than a decade. # 5:28 pm

£5 app. Monthly Brighton meetup for people interested in building (and maybe selling) lightweight software with 1-2 man teams. Nat and I went along last night and really enjoyed it. # 12:12 pm

Ways in Which iTunes’s Just-Released Official Ringtone Support Is Weird, Rude, and/or Just Plain Buggy. I’ve long been saying that the existence of a ringtone “industry” is a bug, not a feature. # 10:08 am