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Saturday, 1st September 2007

All that specialist equipment, ‘barista’ training, and trouble spent over making a good cup of coffee – then when you ask for a cup of tea, you get a tea bag dumped in a mug, and over-boiled water from an urn poured over it.

Jon Hicks # 8:33 am

Wikipedia trust colouring (with demo) (via) “The text background of Wikipedia articles is colored according to a value of trust, computed from the reputation of the authors who contributed the text, as well as those who edited the text.” # 1:42 am

What’s New in Python 3.0. They’re definitely taking advantage of the break in backwards compatibility—lots of niggling inconsistencies are finally being cleaned up. # 1:41 am

The use of double underscores creates a separate namespace for names that are part of the Python language definition, so that programmers are free to create variables, attributes, and methods that start with letters, without fear of silently colliding with names that have a language-defined purpose.

Ka-Ping Yee # 1:30 am