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Monday, 3rd December 2007

The D Language and Server Logs. Neat example of a simple D program for crunching log files. # 9:02 pm

Datejs—A JavaScript Date Library. Building a date API around chaining——is a neat concept. I’d like to see that adapted for Python’s datetime library. # 9:01 pm

If you only remember one thing about handling non-HTML output via Django: know that you can use the HttpResponse object as if it were a file. Writing to such an object and returning it will give you the output you wrote. It’s a very simple concept, but one that translates well to third-party libraries.

Alex de Landgraaf # 8:44 pm

First Notes on Django. Cool, the IETF are developing internal tools with Django. # 11:38 am

Perl on Rails—Why the BBC Fails at the Internet. Depressing explanation of how the BBC’s decision to outsource its technical infrastructure to Siemens has resulted in severe technology limitations, including the need for everything to run on Perl 5.6 (5.8 came out in 2002). # 9:43 am

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