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Wednesday, 12th December 2007

Unobtrusively Mapping Microformats with jQuery. My contribution to 24 ways: using Mapstraction to geocode hCards (extracted with jQuery) and plot them on a Google Map.

# 12:28 am / 24-ways, geocoding, google-maps, hcard, javascript, jquery, mapstraction, microformats

PostgreSQL 8.3 vs. 8.2—a simple benchmark. Stefan Kaltenbrunner reports a 2.2x speed increase for PostgreSQL 8.3 compared to 8.2 for a relatively simple benchmark.

# 12:42 am / benchmarks, postgresql, stefankaltenbrunner

PostgreSQL 8.3 beta 4 release notes. In addition to the huge speed improvements, 8.3 adds support for XML, UUID and ENUM data types and brings full text (tsearch2) in to the core database engine.

# 12:43 am / beta, databases, enum, fulltext, postgresql, tsearch2, uuid, xml

Unobtrusively Mapping Microformats with jQuery

Microformats are everywhere. You can’t shake an electronic stick these days without accidentally poking a microformat-enabled site, and many developers use microformats as a matter of course. And why not? After all, why invent your own class names when you can re-use pre-defined ones that give your site extra functionality for free?

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Two HTTP Caching Extensions. stale-while-revalidate serves cached content even while a refresh has been triggered and is currently being pulled in to the cache; stale-if-error serves cached content if a service has gone down.

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