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Sunday, 23rd December 2007

WebOb. WebOb is “an extraction and refinement of pieces from Paste”—provides a very nice request and response object, clearly inspired partly by Django. The documentation includes the differences between the WebOb API and that of other frameworks. # 10:22 am

Quantcast top 100 US sites (via) The vast majority of the top 100 attract a more female than male audience. Digg is one notable exception. # 9:43 am

5 ways to break past the San Francisco echo-chamber. I like the idea of using the square-footage allocated to different things in Walmart to get an idea for what’s popular outside of geekdom. # 9:37 am

Johnny Chung Lee: Projects Wii. Awe-inspiring hardware hacks built on top of the Wiimote, including a dirt cheap interactive whiteboard and a head tracking system that turns a normal display in to a 3D VR environment. # 9:23 am

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