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sqlite-ulid. Alex Garcia’s sqlite-ulid adds lightning-fast SQL functions for generating ULIDs—Universally Unique Lexicographically Sortable Identifiers. These work like UUIDs but are smaller and faster to generate, and can be canonically encoded as a URL-safe 26 character string (UUIDs are 36 characters). Again, this builds on a Rust crate—ulid-rs—and can generate 1 million byte-represented ULIDs with the ulid_bytes() function in just 88.4ms.

# 28th January 2023, 3:45 am / sqlite, uuid, rust, alex-garcia

2009 Neat implementation of an ID server from Mike Malone—it serves up incrementing integers over a socket (using Python’s asyncore for fast IO) and records state to a file only after every 10,000 IDs served, so most of the time it’s not reading or writing to disk at all. If the server crashes it doesn’t matter because it can start up again at an integer it’s sure hasn’t been used before.

# 25th May 2009, 9:34 pm / asyncore, idserver, mike-malone, python, scaling, uuid


PostgreSQL 8.3 beta 4 release notes. In addition to the huge speed improvements, 8.3 adds support for XML, UUID and ENUM data types and brings full text (tsearch2) in to the core database engine.

# 12th December 2007, 12:43 am / beta, databases, enum, fulltext, postgresql, tsearch2, uuid, xml