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Tuesday, 25th July 2006

Django now available in Tamil. The work was done by a 14 -person team at a translation workshop. # 5:25 pm

Geek in the Park, 27th August. Looks like good fun—unfortunately I’m away that weekend. # 1:50 pm

JavaScript Browser detect 2.0. For when object detection isn’t enough. Use with care. # 11:59 am

Techa Kucha Night. Tonight. I’m doing one on Functional Programming and JavaScript. # 11:50 am Joe Gregorio’s better HTTP library for Python. # 11:49 am

The Anti-Web 2.0. Gina Trapani questions the wisdom of only saving your data to the cloud. # 11:49 am

Python API for Akismet. My hand-rolled spam prevention works pretty well, but I might give this a try. # 11:47 am

Unit testing asynchronous JavaScript. A better testing API for JavaScript. # 11:46 am

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