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Monday, 17th July 2006

How the myspace SWF hack worked. If Flash is a vector for XSS, is this the end of Flash badges? # 6:04 pm

Driving Mum and Dad Mad—Video. I sat next to this kid on the train last night. He was quite sweet. Glad he was unarmed though... # 5:39 pm

CouchSurfing—Participation. Community barn-raising brought back the site after a total backup failure. # 10:07 am

YUI Library Release 0.11. Forgot to link this last week. Highlights include colour animation and a logger control. # 8:28 am

Carousel Component—Documentation. Bill Scott’s latest widget. # 8:12 am

The Right Way to do Ajax is Declaratively. I wouldn’t say it’s the only right way, but it’s definitely a useful concept. # 8:11 am

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