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Friday, 28th July 2006

upcoming-python-api—Google Code. My Upcoming API library, used to test out Google Project Hosting.

# 1:05 am

Django-powered sites as a mosaic. Nice piece of webkit2png hackery from Jacob.

# 1:13 am

Greasemonkey 0.6.5—2.0 support and localization. First release in nearly 8 months. Great to see it’s still ticking over.

# 8:47 am

Chat rooms could face expulsion—ZDNet. Danah was right about DOPA. This thing’s a catastrophe.

# 8:49 am

DevjaVu—Free, Simple Hosted Trac and Source Control. Currently in pravite beta. One to watch.

# 8:51 am

ClickTale. Using Ajax to “spy” on user mouse movements was inevitable.

# 8:52 am

FRC: Flash-based Rounded Corner. It was only a matter of time...

# 8:59 am

Today is System Administrator Appreciation Day. Thank your sysadmin now!

# 11:19 am

I want my OpenID! Open ID code bounties worth $5,000. Could this kickstart adoption?

# 4:02 pm / bounty, openid, open-source

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