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Tuesday, 18th July 2006

Ten Things Yahoo! Is Already Doing with the YUI Library. A good answer to a Frequently Asked question. # 11:18 pm Ian Bicking’s port of Ruby style blocks to Python using decorators. # 10:25 pm

Instant inlining of C/C++ in Python. Really neat API, but depends on SWIG. # 9:56 pm

MySpace parser. Tom Dyson’s Python library for screen scraping MySpace profiles, based on Beautiful Soup. # 2:53 pm

Ruby Style Adding Methods to Existing Classes in Python? What’s the best way of doing this? # 9:12 am

How Shellcodes Work. Surprisingly accessible considering the level of detail. # 7:03 am

S5 Project. Ryan King is running a community development process around Eric Meyer’s S5. # 6:33 am

TracDev/UnicodeGuidelines. How the Trac developers handle unicode. Includes a good Python-Unicode introduction. # 6:20 am

L.A. News Service Sues YouTube Over Beating Video. The first lawsuit with tags (an “idiosyncratic choice of descriptive terms”) as a key concept? # 5:40 am

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