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Friday, 18th March 2005

Microformats could describe online news intelligently. Adrian’s been thinking about micro formats and online news.

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sxsw: leveraging solipsism. A write-up of one of the many excellent panels I missed.

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Usable Security: Look Beyond the “Fundamental Conflict”. Security and usability are not conflicting goals.

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Google Code. An online home for Google’s open source projects.

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Nifty Corners. Rounded corners with no images and no crufty markup (JavaScript required).

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Choice SxSW quotes

My American adventure is ongoing; I’m still in Austin at the moment, but I’ll be off to Washington D.C. in a few days and there’s a small chance I’ll get there via Dallas. This doesn’t leave much opportunity for online shenanigans, but there were a few things from SxSW that really needed a mention. The conference, as ever, was awesome—if not for the panels then certainly for the socialising. If anything I stretched myself too thin this year trying to keep up with the Brit Pack, the WaSP crew, some ex-colleagues from Lawrence and the people I met in San Francisco back in May.

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