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Monday, 7th March 2005

Google Desktop Search SDK. Note the reference to the “long tail of applications and file types”. # 10:22 pm

The on-demand blogosphere. I get a bit-part in a Jon Udell screencast! This actually ties in to my final year project... # 9:31 pm

From the archives of The Scotsman. In 1865, newspapers were formatted much like blogs. # 5:27 pm

Are Confirmation Dialogs Harmful? (via) Undo beats confirmation dialogs every time. # 3:56 pm

Greasemonkey Stole Your Job (and Your Business Model) (via) “It’s so meta” in the comments made me chuckle. # 3:48 pm

Anabasis. Jeremy Dunck finally set up his domain name. # 3:35 pm

Bad laws won’t stop the bombers (via) Explaining the motivations behind the UK’s scandalous new anti-terror laws. # 2:40 pm

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