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Thursday, 10th March 2005

SxSW Interactive. See you all in Austin! # 8:18 pm

voice of humanity: The Annotated Web. I need to read this for my final year project. # 8:17 pm

A CSS styled calendar. More CSS goodness. # 8:16 pm

A simple introduction to 3 column layouts. Nice CSS tutorial. # 8:16 pm

Fadomatic—DHTML opacity effect. Can you tell I’m clearing out my tabs before departing for SxSW? # 8:16 pm

Event Cache. For avoiding memory leaks in Internet Explorer. # 8:15 pm

Combining XMLHttpRequest and Rails to Produce More Efficient UIs. Ruby on Rails is setting itself up to be THE framework for Ajax work. # 8:10 pm

The Digital Edition Dirigibles. Worth reading just for the stuff about Zeppelins. # 8:08 pm

Clearing floats on Quirksmode (via) PPK’s writeup of the new overflow:auto technique. # 8 pm

Taming the back button. That most elusive of browser features. # 7:59 pm

Google News, now with customisation (via) Very nice use of drag and drop for the interface. # 8:22 am

apophenia: fuck the SXSW etiquette guide (via) Point.... counter-point. # 6:32 am

The unofficial geek guide to getting over yourself at SxSW Interactive 2005. I gotta get me one of those smilie stickers. # 6:31 am

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