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Friday, 9th July 2004

Meet Snowdrop, the baby otter (via) Simply adorable. # 10:35 pm

Is the W3C Becoming Irrelevant? Dare on routing around the W3C. # 3:42 pm

GMailCompose (via) Finally, webmail support for mailto: links. # 3:40 pm

adot’s notblog*: take action. Call for CNET reviews for Firefox. # 3:39 pm

Café testing (via) A brilliantly easy of conducting quick usability tests. # 6:41 am

Tablespaces (via) Interesting new feature in PostgreSQL 7.5. # 5:58 am

Man of the moment. Phil Gyford gets some well-deserved recognition. # 5:45 am

The Artist’s Statement. Fascinating account of homeland security gone wrong. # 5:37 am