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Friday, 16th July 2004

PHP 5 Object References. Mind the gotchas!

# 3:58 am

Processing XML with JavaScript. My notes on Sarissa and Mozilla’s XML Extras.

# 5:08 am

Iraqi women beg to be killed as American soldiers sodomize their children. The most upsetting MetaFilter thread I’ve ever read.

# 6:12 am

Learning Python As You Go. Ryan Tomayko on language learning approaches.

# 7:49 am

News site registration

The single hottest topic in the online news industry at the moment is that of required registration. A number of large news sites (the New York Times, the Washington Post, the Chicago Tribune) have moved to this model, and many local newspapers are following suit.

[... 660 words]

Wired News: Searching for The New York Times. Opinion piece on how registration and paid archives are crippling the New York Times.

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