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Monday, 19th July 2004

Digital Sports Photography Tips (via) Sports photography is a lot harder than it looks. # 9:03 pm

Apple: Lithium-ion Batteries (via) Tips for improving your battery’s lifespan. # 8:41 pm

Clickable Link Backgrounds. With a twist to avoid the IE6 flicker bug. # 5:19 pm

Fred Durst Has a Blog. And it’s even worse than it sounds. # 7:28 am

TheyWorkForYou Full Source Code Published. Open source political hackery. # 7:26 am

Indispensable Mac OS X products. I’ve been having some fun with MenuMeters as a result of this post. # 7:25 am

Rock, Paper, Saddam! Beware the awesome tiger hand. # 7:17 am

Jeffrey Veen: Damage in Web Design. Users route around damage. # 7:17 am