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Sunday, 25th July 2004

Show of Hands. Or maybe IE users just don’t like to admit to it?

# 11:47 pm

Updated FormProcessor code released. Now available through Subversion.

# 10:50 pm / formprocessor, php, subversion

Office Space Soundboard. Someone had to do it.

# 10:50 pm

The Internet Has Spoken. Remarkably dumb CNN poll.

# 10:49 pm

Manifesto for the Reputation Society (via) Useful for work.

# 10:48 pm

Designing Extensible, Versionable XML Formats. Advice from Dare Obasanjo.

# 10:46 pm / dare-obasanjo, xml

Rands In Repose: Messy Thinking. I want a cinema screen too :(

# 10:46 pm

Safari Developer FAQ. Useful.

# 10:44 pm

NanoBlogger (via) A weblog system written in bash.

# 10:43 pm

What if Mozilla were to win in the end? (via) Evidently bloggers and IE don’t really mix.

# 8:12 pm

Rails (via) MVC web framework for Ruby.

# 7:32 pm