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Wednesday, 14th July 2004

Picking apart Echos my thoughts exactly. # 9:49 pm

Tutorial: Creating a Mozilla Extension (via) I spent nearly an hour looking for this the other day with no success. # 8:17 pm

Cheap debugging trick: inspect + pprint. Easy python stack tracing. # 7:29 pm—Standards-based Rebuild. It took Tim Murtaugh two hours. # 3:49 pm

Rock, Paper, Saddam! (via) Outstanding. # 3:37 pm

Fuck You And Your H2 (via) 845 photos of people flipping off hummers. # 5:53 am

Migrating from PHP 4 to PHP 5 (via) A migration guide from the PHP manual. # 5:35 am sees surge in video ads. With thoughts from Cory Bergman on the role of video in local news sites. # 12:22 am

PHP 5 is out!

It’s finally here! Unfortunately, while a great site in most respects, fails miserably when it comes to permalinks for news items and/or new software releases. You can grab it from their downloads page, and read more about it in the changelog. Now all it needs is widespread adoption. Unfortunately, something tells me PHP 4 is going to stick around for a long, long time.

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