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Monday, 2nd September 2002

Mime type list

A comprehensive list of different MIME media types (via Scripting News).

The missing docs

Yet more XML-RPC goodness. The documentation for the suggested introspection methods throws a 404, but Google’s cache doesn’t:

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JellyBath (via Aquarionics). It turns your bath water in to Jelly. From the FAQ:

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Two Towers not available

Matt Drudge: The Two Towers is available on the Internet. Dorothea Salo: This is bogus. Aren’t rumours fun?


HarryF provided some excellent feedback on my library:

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And then there were eight

According to’s Implementations page there are now 8 PHP implementations of XML-RPC! Looks like I wasn’t the only person with an itch to scratch :)

Useful XML-RPC links

Some useful XML-RPC links (before I forget):

More on Pingback

More on PingBack. PingBack can be seen in effect on this blog and in this entry on If you wish to ping my blog you can do so using the following XML-RPC details:

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Pingback implemented

I’ve implemented PingBack on my blog. PingBack is a system for tracking who is linking to your blog in a controlled way, based on a post by Stuart a few months ago. The idea is that when you link to a PingBack enabled blog you (or your blogging tool) should send an XML-RPC “ping” to that blog’s PingBack server telling it where you have linked to and where you linked from. The PingBack server can then grab your page, check that the link is there and extract a title and short description from the blog. The system is an alternative to (and was inspired by) MoveableType’s TrackBack feature. Stuart and I are actively developing the idea and will be releasing code and documentation to help other people experiment with the system in the near future.

Testing pingback

Testing pingback. This post is a lot more exciting than it looks ;)

A new XML-RPC library for PHP

I spent most of yesterday messing around with XML-RPC. There are a variety of XMl-RPC libraries available for PHP but none of them felt right for what I needed. So, I’ve written my own.

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