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Monday, 23rd September 2002

How the RIAA was hacked

The Register: Want to know how was hacked? They had an un-password-protected admin panel listed in their robots.txt file. Muppets.

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Blogging my lecture notes

So what was all that about? University term started today, and with it comes my grand plan to blog my lecture notes. Don’t worry, I will be restructuring this site in the near future to keep lecture notes off the front page so people who come here for web development stuff don’t have to wade through the details of my Computer Science degree. Unfortunately I have limited internet access at the moment so it may be a week or two until I can make the necessary changes to my blog.

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Maths for Apps lecture 1

These notes are for Dr Daniel Richardson’s course “Mathematics for Applications I” at the University of Bath.The required text book is “Linear Algebra with Applications” by G. Williams, published by Jones and Bartlett

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