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Saturday, 7th September 2002

Excellent RSS tutorial

The RSS Tutorial for Content Publishers and Webmasters is a great read if you haven’t figured out the difference between RSS 0.9x (Really Simple Syndication), RSS 1.0 (RDF Site Summary) and RDF (a web standard for meta data which is used within RSS).

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Solution to the timezone problem

Hixie has a brilliant solution to the time zone problem in the form of a clever piece of XBL by Nicolás Lichtmier. The small script can be bound to an element containing a date in UTC and will quietly replace it with the time in the user’s current timezone using Mozilla’s built in UTC handling functions. Naturally it only works in Mozilla, but I imagine the script could be emulated using Internet Explorer behaviors.

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Pingback server code

The source code for my PingBack server, including the code I use to grab an extract from the page linking to my site, is now available here.

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Hehe RSS3

Forget about RSS 0.9x, RSS 1.0 and RSS 2.0, Aaron Schwartz has released a spec for RSS 3.0 :)

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Python RSS tutorials

Spotted on Python owns us: Fredrik Lundh is building an RSS newsreader in Python, and writing Python tutorials on the project as he goes along. The first tutorial, Fetching RSS Files, is available now and covers (in detail) retrieving RSS files over the web, including an excellent explanation of asynchronous HTTP requests.

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Javascript Google highlighting

Stuart has outdone himself with his latest piece of javascript wizzardry. searchhi will highlight search terms when someone visits your page from a link on Google—all using the DOM and all without you having to do anything more than add a <script> element to the top of your page!

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