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Wednesday, 4th September 2002

New version of IXR

Announcing beta 1.5 of IXR, the Incutio XML-PRC Library for PHP. The library has undergone a complete restructuring and has a much cleaner design as a result. It also has a huge stack of new features, including:

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Pingback specification

Stuart has published the first draught of the PingBack specification, detailing how PingBack works and how it should be implemented. PingBack is brilliant—it just works. What could be simpler than just quietly telling someone’s blog that you’ve linked to them?

Browser based rich text editing

Scott wants a rich text editor for Mozilla. What’s more, he’s willing to put his money where his mouth is and organise a fund drive to give developers a real incentive to do a good job.

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New IXR soon

I was up most of the night working on a new version of my XML-RPC library (newly named IXR, for Incutio XML-RPC). I should have it ready for release some time today—it implements most of the extensions I’ve linked to over the past few days and has a much cleaner object structure than the first version, while maintaining the ability to implement a server or client in as little code as possible.

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The css-discuss Wiki

The css-discuss Wiki has gone live—but only to list members. If you are on the list you will have received an email with instructions for accessing it. The Wiki should go live to non list members in a few days time.

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