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2nd September 2002

HarryF provided some excellent feedback on my library:

...If I can dare to make one suggestion: would be good to seperate the HTTP client as a seperate object from the XML-RPC client.

There’s a good HTTP client class here.

The client still needs one or two things, namely SSL connections (using Curl perhaps or with PHP 4.3 fsockopen can access SSL sites if OpenSSL is compiled with PHP) and HTTP Basic Authentication.

Also on the server side, would be great if there was a mechanism build in HTTP Authentication headers (again as a seperate class)—there’s an Authentication class here.

The reason is there’s not a single XML-RPC class yet that handles HTTP fully. There’s hardly even a complete PHP HTTP client to work with either.

May be the ISO8601 types can be spotted in the strtotime() function?

Also system.multicall would be good, as an in built mechanism (see here) and a means to build in introspection automatically.

This is Feedback by Simon Willison, posted on 2nd September 2002.

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