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More on Pingback

2nd September 2002

More on PingBack. PingBack can be seen in effect on this blog and in this entry on If you wish to ping my blog you can do so using the following XML-RPC details:

Path: /~cs1spw/blog/pingback/server.php
Method:, pageLinkedTo)

pageLinkedFrom must be the URL to a permalink archive page on my blog (complete with #fragment) and pageLinkedTo must be the URL of a page that contains a link to pageLinkedFrom. My server is a bit flaky at the moment (hosting problems again) so you may need to repeat the ping a few times before it gets accepted. Stuart’s PingBack server can be found at Both of our blogs now include a link element pointing to our PingBack servers, with the rel attribute set to “pingback” and the href attribute indicating the server URL. The link elements should enable auto-discovery of PingBack servers in the future (an idea based on Mark Pilgrim’s RSS auto-discovery).

This is More on Pingback by Simon Willison, posted on 2nd September 2002.

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