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Thursday, 28th November 2002

XFML for Radio

Spotted on Guide to ease: Bill Kearney has written an XFML tool for Radio Userland. This sounds great—I’d love to see an example of a Radio blog that is using this.

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Syndication is not publication

Mark Pilgrim pretty much single handedly killed the discussion thread on syndicating weblog content with XHTML started a few days ago by Anil Dash. Stuart’s reply to Mark’s post is definitely worth a read though.

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Python as middleware Python Power: Growing Respect for an Open Source Integration Tool. Another excellent piece of Python advocacy, this time highlighting Python’s power and flexibility as a middleware tool to glue together varous large enterprise systems.

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PHP training update

The aforementioned PHP training system was a mixed success. On the one hand, I discovered that trying to teach a room full of people is a lot tougher than I had expected (to cut a long story short, I stumbled through about five minutes of reiterating the same few points before all present agreed that the session would be best run using the ask-questions-when-you-get-stuck format). Luckily I had prepared some pretty comprehensive support material the night before. I’m chalking that one down to experience.

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Coursework coursework...

No, I’m not dead—I’m just weighed under with coursework. Two large group projects and a whole bunch of personal pieces are conspiring to make me feel gulity whenever I load up a browser window. It’ll all be over by December the 17th thank Goodness. For the moment though I’m taking a well earned break to catch up on the goings on in the blogosphere over the past few days.

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