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Wednesday, 13th November 2002

Opera 7 Beta

Opera have released the first public beta of their new browser, Opera 7. The new version promises to be smaller, faster and have better DOM support than Opera 6. My observations so far:

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More Opera 7 links

Some more Opera 7 links:

K-Logging pilot

Rick Klau: A K-Log Pilot Recap:

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Blogspace census

Phil Wolff: We need a census of blogspace.

Open source web editing

While reading the thread discussing Macromedia’s Contribute over on 37signals I realised something: the web could really do with an open source Contribute style application. Editing full documents is best done in an application—there’s only so much you can do with browser based editing tools (even if you take advantage of IE’s contendEditable or use Flash to build an editor applet). When people are using Word they hit Ctrl+S to instantly save what they working on—show me a browser based editor with the same functionality.

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