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Thursday, 21st November 2002

Changing backgrounds

Via Adrian Holovaty, Matt Jones points out an innovative new feature of the BBC’s new home page—background colours that adapt to your browsing preferences. Interesting stuff.

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Search engines don’t care!

I’ve suspected this for ages, but finally it can be categorically announced that search engines just don’t care about the meta keywords attribute. The only major engine that still notices it is Inktomi, and even they treat it as a very low priority. Finally something concrete to refer people who still demand meta tags to. The description tag is still occasionally worth adding though.

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Different browsers different DOMs

Hixie has put together a fascinating article describing how the Mozilla, Opera 7 beta and IE6 DOMs deal with incorrectly nested HTML tags. Internet Explorer goes as far as creating a malformed tree just to represent badly formed HTML!

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