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Saturday, 2nd November 2002

Joe Gillespie does CSS

Joe Gillespie has been introducing CSS to the readers of Web Page Design for Designers.

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The trend for DHTML using structural markup and the DOM continues with Using Lists for DHTML Menus. Dave Lindquist uses identical XHTML markup combined with two different sets of JavaScript and CSS to implement both a set of dropdown menus and an expandable, tree style menu. The code is standards compliant and remarkably lightweight (menuExpandable.js weighs in at less than 20 lines) and fully accessible thanks to intelligent use of the accesskey attribute.

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Excellent introduction to XSLT

Rescuing XSLT from Niche Status is A Gentle Introduction to XSLT through HTML Templates. It is something of a hybrid article, consisting of a discussion of the problems involved with both teaching and learning XSLT followed by an excellent (if somewhat brief) tutorial covering the most important XSLT tags and concepts and how they can be used to convert a simple XML document in to XHTML.

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