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Friday, 22nd November 2002

Interesting but ultimately useless

Via Stuart, Tantek has an intriguing new (valid) hack for adding HTML documentation to an external javascript file. The hack uses some clever multi-language comments to hide the HTML in the file from the script interpreter, while ensuring that the documentation remains readable when the file is interpreted as HTML. Unfortunately the trick does not work in Mozilla, as that browser respects the Content-Type served with the document (whereas IE “guesses” the content is HTML from clues in the document).

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Mark’s tinkerings

Mark’s back, and he’s been tinkering. In addition to a whole bunch of changes made yesterday in response to Hixie’s markup critique, Mark now boasts style shortcut URLs, an RDF powered about page and an automatically generated list of acronyms (in a semantically correct definition list). I use a similar technique (extracting structural markup tags using regular expressions) in my personal course notes—there’s something very rewarding about being able to extract information from a properly marked up document.

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