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Saturday, 16th November 2002

Douglas Bowman goes it alone

Douglas Bowman has left Wired, and is striking out on his own with Stop Design, his one man consultancy business. With the Wired redesign Douglas gave a massive and long-awaited boost to the web standards movement by demonstrating once and for all that a large, high traffic site could make the transition to structural markup and standards compliant code. I wish him the best of luck in his new venture, and I look forward to keeping up with further developments via his excellent weblog.

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Usability Views

Usability Views (via Zeldman) lists articles from a number of Usability related sites in a variety of different ways, including order-by-most-popular. Popularity appears to be judged by the number of links to that article around the web—I doubt the site is indexing the whole web so could this be another (very clever) application of the Google Web API? Grabbing the number of results for a Google link: query should be easy enough, and would be a great way of judging the popularity of external content. Here’s hoping Usability Views adds a “how this works” page in the near future to satisfy my inner geek.

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Funky caching explained

I didn’t take much notice of “funky caching” while reading through Rasmus Lerdorf’s PHP tips and tricks presentation—I saw that it was talking about using custom 404 pages to serve up dynamic content depending on the URL and wrote it off as a hack that, while useful, was fundamentally flawed in that it would add an error log entry whenever a page was served.

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High end CMS vendors in trouble

Licenses Down, Services Up is a fascinating article discussing the commoditising effect of open source software which uses the high-end Content Management market (such as Interwoven, BroadVision and Vignette) to demonstrate how open source is causing real problems for companies that rely on ludicrously high license fees as their main revenue stream. The conclusion?

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