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K-Logging pilot

13th November 2002

Rick Klau: A K-Log Pilot Recap:

Given the flexible nature of weblogs (unlike structured applications, weblogs really can be what you want them to be), it wasn’t entirely surprising to see users shape their own expectations in testing out the software:

  • A senior developer saw Radio as a great annotated bookmark tool—a way to save URLs and provide his own commentary for others in his team.
  • A marketing manager saw Radio mostly as a clipping service—the ability to snag snippets from other web sites to save to her own site.
  • A sales person used Radio to distribute industry news relevant to other sales people.
  • A QA tester who frequently lunches with customers in training often provided recaps of discussions at lunch—sharing the customers’ interests and inquiries.

Rick’s conclusion is a cautious thumbs up. Thomas N. Burg has posted some thoughts on Rick’s experiment.

This is K-Logging pilot by Simon Willison, posted on 13th November 2002.

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