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The Baked Data architectural pattern

Visit The Baked Data architectural pattern

I’ve been exploring an architectural pattern for publishing websites over the past few years that I call the “Baked Data” pattern. It provides many of the advantages of static site generators while avoiding most of their limitations. I think it deserves to be used more widely.

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Django Bakery (via) “A set of helpers for baking your Django site out as flat files”. Released by the LA Times Data Desk, who use it for a large number of projects from election results to data journalism interactives. Statically publishing these projects to S3 lets them handle huge traffic spikes at a very low cost.

# 16th June 2018, 1:49 am / django, s3, staticgenerator, ben-welsh


Announcing StaticGenerator for Django. Simple but powerful static file generator for Django applications—just tell it about your model instances and it will create an entire static site based on calling get_absolute_url() on each one. Uses signals to repopulate the cache when a model changes.

# 7th January 2008, 9:26 pm / caching, django, jared-kuolt, orm, performance, static, staticgenerator