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The blog post announcing the shutdown was done one day early. The idea was to take the opportunity of the new Pope being announced and Andy Rubin being replaced as head of Android, so that the [Google] Reader news may be drowned out. PR didn't apparently realize that the kinds of people that care about the other two events (especially the Pope) are not the same kind of people that care about Reader, so it didn't work.

Mihai Parparita

# 20th April 2024, 9:55 pm / google, google-reader

Before Google Reader was shut down, they were internally looking for maintainers. It turned out you have to deal with three years of infra migrations if you sign up to be the new owner of Reader. No one wanted that kind of job for a product that is not likely to grow 10x.

Jaana Dogan

# 4th April 2024, 8:51 pm / google, google-reader


Mastodon is just blogs

And that’s great. It’s also the return of Google Reader!

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Google Reader ruins Christmas (via) New sharing feature automatically reveals shared items to Gmail contacts, causing political rows.

# 25th December 2007, 2:59 pm / google, google-reader, politics, privacy, sharing, socialnetworking

Google AJAX Feed API (via) Simple cross-domain proxy to allow JavaScript to access any publically addressable syndication feed, with the same logic as Google Reader providing normalisation.

# 18th April 2007, 5:29 pm / ajax, atom, crossdomain, feed, google, google-reader, javascript, rss, syndication

Google Reader Theme. Jon Hicks’ beautiful alternative skin for Google Reader, installable as a user stylesheet for various browsers.

# 16th April 2007, 10:03 pm / google, google-reader, jon-hicks, skin, userstylesheet

Designing Google Reader’s trends. “But beyond the visualization, this serves as a good example of collecting and understanding the ambient information that flows through our digital lives.”

# 15th January 2007, 12:53 am / design, google, google-reader, jeffrey-veen, visualization