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How does Sidekiq really work? (via) I really like this category of blog post: Dan Svetlov took the time to explore the Sidekiq message queue’s implementation and then wrote it up in depth.

# 5th February 2024, 5:20 pm / queues, ruby, sidekiq


Scaling Mastodon: The Compendium (via) Hazel Weakly’s collection of notes on scaling Mastodon, covering PostgreSQL, Sidekiq, Redis, object storage and more.

# 29th November 2022, 5:46 am / postgresql, redis, scaling, mastodon, sidekiq

Mastodon is just blogs

And that’s great. It’s also the return of Google Reader!

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Introducing Faktory. A brand new worker queue system from Mike Perham, the author of Sidekiq for Ruby. It’s written in Go on top of RocksDB and is explicitly designed to support clients and workers in multiple different languages.

# 25th October 2017, 3:09 am / go, queues, sidekiq