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Monday, 1st May 2023

Amnesty Uses Warped, AI-Generated Images to Portray Police Brutality in Colombia. I saw massive backlash against Amnesty Norway for this on Twitter, where people argued that using AI-generated images to portray human rights violations like this undermines Amnesty’s credibility. I agree: I think this is a very risky move. An Amnesty spokesperson told VICE Motherboard that they did this to provide coverage “without endangering anyone who was present”, since many protestors who participated in the national strike covered their faces to avoid being identified. # 9:32 pm

Let’s be bear or bunny

The Machine Learning Compilation group (MLC) are my favourite team of AI researchers at the moment.

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A new onboarding experience on Mastodon. Reassuring to see this commitment to resolving some of the biggest pain points preventing people from adopting Mastodon, especially given it has meaningful competition as a federated social network in the form of Bluesky now. # 5:44 pm

Weeknotes: Miscellaneous research into Rye, ChatGPT Code Interpreter and openai-to-sqlite

I gave myself some time off stressing about my core responsibilities this week after PyCon, which meant allowing myself to be distracted by some miscellaneous research projects.

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