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Wednesday, 31st May 2023

If I were an AI sommelier I would say that gpt-3.5-turbo is smooth and agreeable with a long finish, though perhaps lacking depth. text-davinci-003 is spicy and tight, sophisticated even.

Matt Webb # 2:52 pm

Mandatory Certification Regarding Generative Artificial Intelligence (via) From the Judge Specific Requirements for Judge Brantley Starr in Austin, TX:

“All attorneys appearing before the Court must file on the docket a certificate attesting either that no portion of the filing was drafted by generative artificial intelligence (such as ChatGPT, Harvey.AI, or Google Bard) or that any language drafted by generative artificial intelligence was checked for accuracy, using print reporters or traditional legal databases, by a human being. [...]” # 3:31 am

The Python Language Summit 2023: Making the Global Interpreter Lock Optional. Extremely informative update covering Sam Gross’s python-nogil proposal from this year’s language summit at PyCon.

Sam has been working hard on his fork for the past year, and now has it rebased for Python 3.12. If his PEP is accepted it could end up as an optional compile-time build in time for Python 3.13.

“The plan for nogil remains that it would be enabled via a compile-time flag, named --disable-gil. Third-party C extensions would need to provide separate wheels for GIL-disabled Python.” # 12:04 am

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