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Saturday, 20th May 2023

The Threat Prompt Newsletter mentions llm (via) Neat example of using my llm CLI tool to parse the output of the whois command into a more structured format, using a prompt saved in a file and then executed using “whois | llm --system ”$(cat ~/prompt/whois)“ -s” # 11:30 pm

I find it fascinating that novelists galore have written for decades about scenarios that might occur after a “singularity” in which superintelligent machines exist. But as far as I know, not a single novelist has realized that such a singularity would almost surely be preceded by a world in which machines are 0.01% intelligent (say), and in which millions of real people would be able to interact with them freely at essentially no cost.

I myself shall certainly continue to leave such research to others, and to devote my time to developing concepts that are authentic and trustworthy. And I hope you do the same.

Donald Knuth # 4:51 pm

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