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Friday, 5th November 2021

A half-hour to learn Rust. I haven’t tried to write any Rust yet but I occasionally find myself wanting to read it, and I find some of the syntax really difficult to get my head around. This article helped a lot: it provides a quick but thorough introduction to most of Rust’s syntax, with clearly explained snippet examples for each one. # 5:21 am

An oral history of Bank Python (via) Fascinating description of a very custom Python environment inside a large investment bank—where all of the code lives inside the Python environment itself, everything can be imported into the same process and a directed acyclic graph engine implements Excel-style reactive dependencies. Plenty of extra flavour from people who’ve worked with this (and related) Python systems in the Hacker News comments. # 5:18 am

Weeknotes: datasette-jupyterlite, s3-credentials and a Python packaging talk

My big project this week was s3-credentials, described yesterday—but I also put together a fun expermiental Datasette plugin bundling JupyterLite and wrote up my PyGotham talk on Python packaging.

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