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Saturday, 9th October 2010

PaintbrushJS. Impressive open source JavaScript library from Dave Shea for applying image filters (sharpen, blur, emboss, greyscale etc) to the canvas element. # 11:53 am

What is a Polyfill? Useful new term: a Polyfill is “a shim that mimics a future API providing fallback functionality to older browsers”. # 11:48 am

Schneier on Stuxnet. Stuxnet now rivals Wikileaks as the real life plot most likely to have leaked from science fiction. # 10:57 am

What is the Open Web? Tantek Çelik describes the three pillars of the open web: open publishing of content, freedom to code and implement the standards needed to access that content and open access to that content over an unfiltered internet. # 10:47 am

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